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Smitey is senior officer and trader of the crew Tick Tock; he is also lord of the flag Felix Culpa on the Obsidian Ocean. Never far from a tankard and trying to haggle the price down on every luxuriously new colored parrot he can find, you can be sure if you see Kittykitty then Smitey won't be far from his soulmate.


Early Days

Washing up on Obsidian ocean, Smitey was apprenticed under much lauded blacksmith Stachogaray, Captain of Message in a Bottle after serving for a time in the furnaces of the Consider It Sunk ironmongers, he slowly befriended some crew mates in nightly drinking sessions, wherein people commented on his savant like ability to keep on chugging.

After climbing to the heights of officer rank, Stachogaray himself was taking a leave of absence and without his presence. The crew no longer felt like the home he'd once known. Roach and Darkcocoa had done their best but ultimately the crew had slowly begun funneling towards The Southsea Bandits.

Led by the notorious Scar, it was among this hustle and bustle Smitey found himself slowly begin to enter into the trading market, a large crew that always had someone searching for something. He made a name as someone who'd get you anything, a toothbrush from Prolix? A fading chart from the much vaunted ruby run on those choppy Midnight waters. He'd take on any contract no matter how dark, a trade that even the most hardened would turn away.

Which is where he befriended Cptngmp.

Wolf Of Port Venture

It was a period where his position among the likes of traders Venomx, Cptboom was quickly assured. Smitey under Captain Cptngmp & Leokegan of the GMP Trading Co made deals that would long see him into his piratey retirement. The lucrative trade in furniture and familiars were to become his bread and butter with large profits made on many.

Notable deals being

  • Chocolate Raven to Weedbaby for Black Octopus to then receive a blue-grey octopus for that which was sold to Henos for 7 million pieces of eight
  • Cranberry Parrot from gold box for 12 dubs, traded to Coboltx for Cranberry Octopus, ultimately sold to Jonsnow for 11 million pieces of eight.
  • Spring green Raven from Rosa for 4 million pieces of eight. Sold to Weedbaby for 12 million pieces of eight.

But life as a trader had taken its toll, long nights and constantly grinding for every last piece of poe, had become a dark existence and a new obsession came upon him. No longer was the world about every piece of gold and silver, it was about impressing Kittykitty, he knew the long dark nights in the inn with Leo and Gmp would have to stop, the piles of chips at the poker table and the strewn bottles of rum laying around. It would all have to take a backseat and with those influences he knew they couldn’t.

So Smitey walked and he flipped the hour glass around and with those first grains of sand falling on his new life with Kitty he signed on the dotted line with Tick Tock.

Calling time on GMP & Co

Contributions and accomplishments