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Skrunch(also known as liberta9 and -S) Is an independent pirate from the Emerald ocean, who is an advocate of freedom and democracy and is also said to be connected to a mysterious organisation.

True Democracy and freedom

Skrunch is best known for being an advocate for freedom in almost all forms and he believes freedom is something the emerald ocean is in dire need of. Due to this, Skrunch came up with the movement of True Democracy, a complicated system of representative democracy that is still being developed. Skrunch believes that the current system of crew leadership is a dictatorship which cannot be escaped unless True Democracy is embraced. Skrunch can frequently be found trying to spread the good word of True Democracy door to door, or sometimes on the docks or in the inn. Another place Skrunch likes to spread the word is the forums, where he is known as Liberta9. He has been known to give out black looped ribbons to certain people, often those who win contests. The meaning behind these ribbons is up for debate however. Due to his love of freedom, Skrunch has been compared to Spartacus.


Skrunch started playing in 2007, under a different guise however. Skrunch was created in 2014 as an alt, due to him wanting to stay anonymous. This makes the nature of Skrunch's past shrouded in mystery.