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Silvercat has no portrait

Silvercat is a senior officer in the crew Inferno. Princess of the flag Solace. That's her best friend Buckler and her flag.

She spawned on the Turtle Island docks where she met Bertiepye. She joined Bertiepye's. Where she rose to the rank of senior officer. Bertiepye,her game sister teached her everything.She eventually founded her own crew, but soon tired of being a captain, and left to join Villains of the Amazon. after reaching the rank of officer in votA she made her own crew again with her boyfriend. But this time with fleet...

Her friend, Gogu, won her a parrot familiar that she named Bob. After some months Bob was back..She will miss him. She opened her own tailor stall that she runED with the help of her friend Samos. Her game mom Biiann (biibii) is helping her a lot. She called her with the nickname "BiiBii" before she became her game mom.

After she gave her tailoring stall to her friend Fearsumfire , she opened a iron monger in Turtle, where her pretty townhouse is. Than she moved to Shinybling's estate. Now she is the captainof her own crew, crew Dieing Black Death.