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In September 2012, Apollo began periodically running Shiny Sun Point Events, Doodle-like events that included Shiny Sun Points as prizes. Once a player has accumulated enough points, they can be traded in for various prizes.

See the Shiny Sun Point forum thread for the list of prizes the points can be traded for, as well as the current number of points held by each winner.

Following the announcement of Apollo's retirement in June 2015, other Ocean Masters began running Shiny Sun Point events, with Clotho taking over the administrative tasks.


Event Name Description Start Date Type Ocean Master(s)
Downside-up! Draw a picture of Apollo upside-down. September 15, 2012 drawing Apollo
A MakingThings Contest Create either a tall fetish, or a short fetish, along the lines of the furniture items in the game. September 29, 2012 misc. Apollo
Six By Seven Write a short story exactly 42 words long. October 13, 2012 writing Apollo
December Doodles 2012 Doodle! December 1, 2012 various Apollo
The Date Doodle (a 12-12-12 time trial!) Post a joke or limerick that includes the word carrot, and has something to do with Puzzle Pirates at 12:12:12 (pm) game time on 12/12/12. The person who posts closest to the correct time wins. December 12, 2012 misc. Apollo
Season To Taste Create a picture or collage representing a season, using a single component from a DIFFERENT season. October 3, 2013 collage Apollo
Game of the Name Choose a standard ship rename that is Halloween themed in some way and draw a scene from the renamed ship, painted/decorated/furnished to suit its name. October 20, 2013 drawing Apollo
Haute Coiffure Find a celebrity hair style that you think would look great on a pirate, and illustrate an example for us all to admire. November 12, 2013 drawing Apollo
December Doodles 2013 Doodle! December 1, 2013 various Apollo
These Three Things Draw a picture of a scene inside a Puzzle Pirates building that includes the following Three Things: a horse (or something horse-related) to represent the Chinese New Year, an item to represent Valentine's Day, and a piece of egg furniture. March 8, 2014 drawing Apollo
Spring Egguinox 2014 Egg Doodles! April 17, 2014 various Apollo
Jedi de Mayo Draw a picture of Star Wars characters at a Cinco de Mayo celebration. May 3, 2014 drawing Apollo
Lolcat Literature Take a famous quotation from a Work Of Great Literature (well, ok, a famous quotation from a book that we're likely to have heard of), then make this Work of Great Literature accessible to 'the masses' by converting the quote into lolcat speech. May 24, 2014 lolcat Apollo
aMAZEin' Puzzle Day Doodle! Design a pirate-themed maze. July 12, 2015 drawing Hera
Hoist a Jolly Hera! Design a pirate flag for Hera. August 2, 2015 drawing Hera
Hot Potato! - Doodle Carve a potato into a piratey sculpture. August 18, 2015 food Nemesis
Join the Brigand Kings! Design a recruitment poster for your favourite Brigand (or Barbarian) King. September 6, 2015 drawing Hera
Pirate Teddy BeARRRs! Dress a teddy bear up as a pirate. September 9, 2015 misc. Hera
Pirationary Ahoy! Think up a brand new word or phrase that can be used in our piratey world. September 16, 2015 writing Hera
Hooray! It's Pancake Day! Create piratey pancake art. September 26, 2015 food Nemesis
Posthumous Poetry! Write Haunted Haikus, Spooky Sonnets, Creepy Couplets, and/or Loathsome Limericks. October 31, 2015 poetry Nemesis
Is Galene a Ginger? Bake a gingerbread pirate. November 8, 2015 food Galene
December Doodles 2015 Doodle! December 3, 2015 various Clotho, Hera, Nemesis
Puzzle Day Doodle: YPP IRL! Find and take a picture of real things that look like YPP puzzles (either in part or as a whole). January 27, 2016 photography Nemesis
Hedgehog Day Doodle: Prickly Parodies Make a Hedgehog-themed parody of a song of your choice. February 1, 2016 song lyrics Nemesis
Lunar New Year Doodle: Monkey Business! Create a diorama of monkeys being piratey at work, home or play. February 3, 2016 diorama Nemesis
Celebrate Valentine with Pinkfoot the Love Yeti! Create a comic strip using Pinkfoot the Love Yeti as one of the characters and Valentine as theme. It should also have a piratey feel. February 10, 2016 comic strip Clotho
Anti-Valentine's Doodle: Love Stinks! Create a Limerick with a funny anti-Valentine theme. Failed love, funny rejections, empowerment for singles, whatever you like as long as it's funny, not love-y! February 15, 2016 poetry Nemesis
Aye Eye Patch! Create a wearable fabric eyepatch. March 1, 2016 crafting Hera
PIratey PI-ku & PIc Write a pirate themed Pi-ku and a draw a sketch to illustrate it. (For those not familiar with a Pi-ku, it's a poem similar to a Haiku. The first line should be 3 syllables, the second ONLY 1, and the final line 4 syllables.) March 12, 2016 poetry & drawing Galene
Spring Egguinox 2016 Egg Doodles! March 18, 2016 various Clotho, Galene, Nemesis
Find-Arrr-Rainbow Day Write a short story giving the mythology of the rainbow in the Puzzle Pirates universe. March 29, 2016 writing Hera
PoARRtrait Caption Doodle - Going Grey! To celebrate our move to Grey Havens, a few of us had a portrait done...and your task is to offer up a caption! April 14, 2016 writing Hera
Me, Myself and Aye! Photoshop a photograph or drawing representing your real life self into a screenshot or portrait from the game. April 19, 2016 photoshopping Hera
Design a FrARRRgrence Design a perfume that could be popular among pirates. April 30, 2016 writing Hera
Sock Puppet Pirates! Create a sock puppet pirate. May 7, 2016 crafting Hera
Ode to me Best Mate! Write a song parody! Pick any existing song and modify the lyrics to celebrate your favorite familiar (or imagined familiar). June 6, 2016 song lyrics Hera
Conspiracy Cracking! Create your own Hera egg and reveal what creepy crawly is hidden inside! June 24, 2016 crafting Nemesis
IncompARRable InstrARRments! Draw a new and unique instrument your pirate could play, using elements that can be found in the YPP world. July 20, 2016 drawing Hera
Oh? Limb Pics! Draw a matching Peg Leg and Hook set decorated in a sporting theme. August 6, 2016 drawing Hera
December Doodles 2016 Doodle! December 1, 2016 various Clotho, Hera, Nemesis
DeliberARRtly Bad PoE-ARRtry Write a deliberately bad poem celebrating your life in YPP, using THREE made-up words from the Pirationary Ahoy! entries. August 17, 2017 poetry (bad) Hera
Delayed (not) December (not daily) Doodles 2017 Doodle! December 28, 2017 various Clotho, Hera, Nemesis
AnniversARRRy IdeARRs! Create a YPP-themed list of anniversary gifts. March 2, 2018 writing Hera
A Decade as a Deity! Create an anniversary card for Hera to give to Cronus incorporating any Year Ten idea from any of the AnniversARRRy IdeARRs! entries. March 10, 2018 drawing Hera
Blue-grey skies, must be witchcraft! Create a drawing showing what exactly caused the skies to turn blue-grey. April 9, 2018 drawing Clotho
The Great Escape! Create an escape plan that the Ippolito familiars may have used to evade the Oceanmasters and finally reach the Obsidian Ocean. July 29, 2018 drawing Hera
Pumpkin Carving Contest 2018! Carve a Puzzle Pirates design into a pumpkin. October 3, 2018 pumpkin carving Clotho
Feeling Hard-Pressed Create a creative sketch incorporating up to five pressed leaves. November 3, 2018 drawing Hera