Sealords Armada

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Sealords Armada at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Captain Miget
Senior Officer(s) Aarrtie, Ablin, Damet, Ellbee, Jesso, Kennig, Hagris
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Imperial Rednecks
Founded 19 September, 2007
Last updated on 17 February, 2012
Favicon.png Crew Info
Crews-Sealords Armada.jpg

Sealords of Sage is a crew on the Emerald Ocean. The name was changed from Sealords of Sage in January of 2012 to encompass the coming merger.


Welcome to the Sealords!!! Where the pirates are pirates and the brigands run scared. They are proud to be a supportive crew where they help the greenest of pirates become skilled navigators and plunderers.

Public statement

Poker is a lot like marriage: At first things are a bit fun and spontaneous, perhaps even a bit exciting, but in the end you're drunk in a bar begging the bartendar not to take the one thing you have left: your beer.--- Unknown Author

A little history

Miget was once a senior officer in The Late Knights and a princess in the flag Imperial Rednecks. Then Captain Zorrofini merged with Midnite Devils so she left to rejoin King Jeethro in Rednecks Revenge. Vowing to never again have a captain above her, she created Sealords of Sage on September 19, 2007. In no time at all it was a strong crew with the help of all of the senior officers. Miget had returned to her proper place as Princess Miget standing next to King Jeethro in the flag Imperial Rednecks, planning to rule all of Sage. Since Jeethro's retirement from Sage in early 2010, Miget has stepped up as Queen of Imperial Rednecks.


Carousing Skills do not earn you ranks. Skills under Piracy are the ones that matter with the exception of sword fight, rumble or treasure haul. If you have a broad+ in poker you will not be promoted to above Officer.

Pirate: You will always be joined as a pirate; there are no cabin persons in this crew.

Officer: You need at least 3 broads and 2 distinguished in piracy skills, and narrow duty nav. If you do not know how to start/run pillage, please contact any SO or FO and they will help you out.

Fleet Officer: No one enters the crew as a FO. You must spend at least two weeks in the crew as an officer and I must personally know and trust you. A Broad/Distinguished in Bnav is required to show me that you know how to run a pillige. A FO is the one who runs the pillages for the pirates who can’t start their own pillige.

Senior Officer: Will have my total trust and will be only be decided on by the other SOs. Rember a SO is the captain's right hand and must be active.

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