Sea Dogs of Destruction

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Sea Dogs of Destruction at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Last Captain Jimmydids (Dormant)
Senior Officer(s) Arahh, Ballsosteel, Choaone, Eppupu, Fjelle, Heyyo, Infectedmonk, Jacksparrowc, Jostain, Kanten, Killwt, Kudu, Lyi, Nisseman, Perdita, Realsparda, Speckle, Sundream, Thenumber, Timboekraad, Tradis, Waterspirit, Winhut, Yarrmehearti, Zeni (ALL are dormant)
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Rabidus Canis
Founded 14 July, 2006
Dormant as of 6 December, 2016
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Sea Dogs of Destruction is a dormant crew on the Meridian Ocean, flying the flag of Rabidus Canis.


It was founded by Jimmydids in the year 2006 on July 14 on the former Viridian Ocean.

Captaincy history

  1. Jimmydids (July 14, 2006 - ~Mar 28, 2008)
  2. Shadeymermady (~Mar 28, 2008 - ~Mar 30, 2008)
  3. Jimmydids (~Mar 30, 2008 - ~May 21, 2009)
  4. Captinsav (~May 21, 2009 - ?)
  5. Jimmydids (? - present)

Public statement

The Dogs are on the rise again!!!

Extended public statement

I want PILLAGERS not poker players!!!.

We work as a team respecting each other, and we hope you would join our team and work towards a better future.

Unless you are known well by the Captain or SOs you will not be offered anything above officer on joining so please don’t ask..... Officer = must have Broad in Carp, bilge, sails and preferably guns.

Detailed promotion requirements in private statement.

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