Scared Shipless (Opal)

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Scared Shipless at a Glance
Opal Ocean
Last Captain Pinkelephant
Senior Officer(s) Haig, Alexus
Politics Democratic
Shares Even (ship restocking = 30%)
Flag Affiliation Das Imperium
Founded 9 December, 2006
Dormant as of 10 January, 2011
Favicon.png Crew Info

Scared Shipless is a crew on the Opal Ocean. The crew currently flies the flag of Das Imperium.


The crew, Scared Shipless, was created as an annex to the crew Scared Shipless on the Viridian Ocean. The current captain of the crew is Pinkelephant. When Scared Shipless was founded on the Opal Ocean, it quickly grew fame, and in its number of crew members. However, recently, the crew has suffered from many of its crew members becoming dormant.

Public Statement

This crew is English speaking. (Diese Mannschaft ist englisches Sprechen.) We are not accepting Flag invitations. (Wir nehmen Fahne Einladungen nicht an.)

Extended Public Statement

The ranking system* is as follows:

Cabin Person: Just ask, we would love to have you join our crew.

Pirate: You must have an experience level of Narrow in any one Piracy puzzle. If you do, ask and you will be promoted.

Officer (O): Narrow experience on at least 3 Piracy puzzles.

Fleet Officer (FO): Narrow experience on at least 4 Piracy puzzles as well as a ship and my trust.

Senior Officer (SO): I will promote FOs to SOs when I think it's necessary. Requires my complete trust.

  • Note that all of the above requirements are MINIMUM requirements, and I pass the final decision in all cases.

Also, if you have an alt in another ocean that has good stats, and if and ONLY if I believe it's your alt, I will take it into account when assigning a rank.

If you like our crew, join us on Viridian Ocean too! Just ask me (Pinkelephant) and I will invite you over there.