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Samos is the culmination character of a one Sara Anne Miller. The aforementioned person has been a solid member of the Y!PP community since mid-May 2004 and recently acquired her two-year subscription rate.

Samos comes highly recommended as both a Gunner and a Sailor, having been repeatedly blind-jobbed for her Gunnery expertise. Despite the fact that Samos can load four cannons in one round and reverse-circuit with the best gunners in the Midnight Ocean, her beloved Ultimate still evades her.

On November 12, 2005, Samos won a coveted sloop in the Aesop's Fables Tournament. She named said sloop, the Flava Virago, in reference to the Greek goddess Athena in Book VI of Ovid's Metamorphoses. The story is as follows:

    "Tis better to starve free than be a fat slave," said the mother to her thin child scarfing down his meager meal. "What do you mean, mommy?" the boy said. "I shall tell you about your great-grandfather, the pirate Johnny Longsocks." 
    A long time ago, there was a pirate who sailed the open waters in search of bootyfull treasure and sandy shores. He didn't have one care in the world and his best friends were parrots and monkeys. His crew was loyal and his swabbies were upright and always followed orders. His name was Johnny Longsocks. 
    One day, he decided to turn his ship west in search of the Isle of Orca, which was fabled to be full of riches beyond one's wildest imagination. It took the crew eight long days and eight long nights to reach Capri, but finally in the wee hours of that ninth morning the First Mate said "Land Ho! Tis Orca in the distance!" The crew cheered in excitement, wishing for gold and jewels to fill their purses and pockets. When they reached land, they were surrounded by hordes of treasure. They couldn't believe their eyes! But, something was amiss. Why would such riches be just laying on the shores unprotected, not stashed in a hidden cave?
    Johnny Longsocks had stayed back on the ship just a little bit longer than the rest to see to final details and arrange records, as a good captain is ought to do. He saw what the others had not -- a trap. Within minutes of arriving on shore, the crew was surrounded by savage tribesmen whose job it was to protect the loot and enslave all those who tried to take it away from the beautiful island and her natives. 
    Johnny Longsocks was unable to call out to his crew, to protect them from the onslaught of angry tribesmen wishing to enslave the poor men; he was only able to protect himself and the clothes upon his back. Poor Johnny grabbed the nearest escape boat, two oars, one day's worth of food and his own wretched self and high-tailed away from the island as fast as he could. He paddled for three days, but finally couldn't go any farther not having eaten in two whole days. His stomach hurt, his arms ached, and he missed the company of his mates that he had to leave behind on that booby-trapped isle. He finally laid his head down and waited for death to overcome his body.
    Lo! What was that off in the distance? A ship! In fact, a Grand Frigate painted gold and blue -- the colors of the royal navy! Johnny screamed and hollered hoping that the Navy would see or hear him. Within minutes, the Navy ship had turned its sails in his direction. The crew hoisted him up onto the ship, asking him "What in God's name are you doing here in the middle the ocean?" 

He told them the sad story of how he lost his ship and his crew because they were so greedy that they couldn't see the proverbial forest for the trees. The Captain of the ship consoled the poor pirate and gave him food and water, as well as a soft place to sleep.

    "At least ye are a free man, Johnny. And we shall take ye home to your family where they can care for and love you."
    "That my darling is why tis better to starve free than be a fat slave," the mother said as her young boy started to yawn sleepily. "We may not be rich, but we wouldn't be here today if your great-grandfather had been as greedy as his mates, my dear. 

Now stop playing with your food and get some sleep."

The End

Samos is currently expanding her crew Ulciscentes Victores. Her membership and maturity requirements are strict, but the pay is quite bountiful.