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SCURVY at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Captain Lovemore
Senior Officer(s) Bbkelley, Blueshark, Bobbstar, Christiefuse, Fireandic, Graybear, Imrealybored, Idunnou, Jeanne, Muggz, Neropolis, Quartnella,
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation The Order of Fortune
Founded 20 April, 2005
Last updated on 4 July, 2007
Favicon.png Crew Info

SCURVY is a crew on the Viridian Ocean which was founded by Lovemore. She took the crew up when it was weak and wimpy; now it is hard and strong.

The crew is a bunch of kind, happy go lucky pirates but is not a group that takes bullies lightly. The members of SCURVY are superb traders, sailors and the best seafarers that pirates will meet in the 7 seas. They will teach and train all greenies to be the best pirate that they can be and hope for nothing in return but kindness and loyalty, standing by them so they can grow to be the best crew in the ocean.

Some people to be recognized of Scurvy wether previous crew members or current are- Lovemore,Neoomni(currently captain of The Order of Zion),Bbkelley,Bobbstar,Imrealybored, Shalo

SCURVY is under the ownership of El Pollo Diablo (Napi Peak) thanks to Bobbstar(SO). SCURVY has a ZOO ! its on Sakejima at Alalit's manor. Take a look if u want(and someone is home)and have fun looking at all the animals(Lovemore's tiger regretfully stays with her so if you want to see it have to hope shes there)

Things SCURVY does

  1. Run pillages.
  2. Help new/old pirates.
  3. Train everyone that comes by.
  4. Be helpful/kind to everyone who comes by.

Promotion Requirments

Jobber to cabin person Just ask when we are in port after a pillage or ported. Please dont ask when we are at sea.

From Cabin Person,Officers, and Fleet Officer will have to pass a test that is on Unworried shad on Officers bulletin board.

Cabin Person to Pirate Have a pirate badge. Need 3 ditinguished or 2 masters on skills bilg, sails, carp, and guns. How to get it? Easy press Ye buy a dubloon on the dubloon trading then buy the badge from the palace shoppe.

Pirate to Officer Have Broads in all piracy stats and 4 ditinguished or 2 masters on skills. Must also have had officer training from the Captain or a Senior Officer. Lastly, you must also have an Officer Badge or the ability to buy one upon promotion. Owning your own ship is also nice but not required.

Officer to Fleet Officer Have an Officers Badge. Also have Solids in all piracy stats and 4 ditinguished or 2 masters or 1 master in b-navi in skills. Be honest and trusted by the Captain and other officers. Owning your own ship is highly suggested but not mandatory.

Fleet Officer to Senior Officer Be an Outstanding loyal member. You must also be well acquianted with the Captain. Also you must have a Senior Officer Badge or have the ability to buy one upon promotion. DONT ASK to be a Senior Officer for sure unless you have been with us some time. YOU MUST ALSO HAVE YOUR OWN SHIP!

Senior Officer to Captain We love our Captain and will not thinking of having anyone else other than her to be our figure head. :D

SCURVY is currently recruiting new members. Just send a /tell to any officer or the captain.

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