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Rypken is a pirate on the Midnight and Malachite Oceans.

Contributions and Accomplishments


Rypken first joined as a beta tester, at the request of his friend Corpus in July 2003 . On the Azure Ocean, Corpus and Rypken started the Lexicon Devils and joined friends in the flag The Error Empire. As Azure closed and Midnight arrived Corpus chose not to subscibe and Rypken did Subscribe. In the end few Error Empire pirates made the jump to Midnight. But as the Midnight hour approached, a group of Error pirates came together to form a plan for a new Midnight crew. That crew became known as Dark Strike. Among them were Sonya, Bowler, Grimes, and Rypken. The group decided that Rypken would be their captain.

In the early days of the new Midnight ocean, Rypken lead his crew from flag to flag, trying to find a good fit for the small, laid back crew. But the ocean had other plans. Dark Strike saw time most notably in the flags Exsilium, Imperio, and Crimson Tide. Despite being in large flags, crew numbers were low and Rypken often worried about the future of the crew. In September 2004, real life took hold and Rypken promoted his most loyal and skilled sidekick Grimes to Captain of the crew.

Some time after collapse of Imperio, Dark Strike (now in Crimson Tide) disbanded. The crew went there separate ways. Rypken spent some time in various crews but ended up in Pirates of the Damned alongside his former shipmate Grimes. He has been there since then as an unsubscribed crewmember.

Fast forward to the end of May 2008. Rypken started getting the itch to puzzle and returned on the Malachite Ocean. There he met up again with Korpus (aka Corpus) and other former mates from both the Azure and Midnight Oceans. The group is now working together to start a crew and hopefully sail the seas together once again.

Fun Facts

  • Rypken often describes himself as a 'utility pirate'. The definition being one who is good enough to get by on most of the puzzles.
  • Rypken's real life brother also plays under the name Gaiden.
  • When not Pillaging, Rypken can often be found either losing his money at the Inn or "Window Shopping" at a local clothing store with Fenumen