Roses Of Sharayn

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Roses Of Sharayn at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Last Captain Asteria (Dormant)
Senior Officer(s) Blackpearlz, Crucible, Familyjewels (ALL are dormant)
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Independent
Founded 16 January, 2006
Dormant as of 6 January, 2017
Favicon.png Crew Info

Roses Of Sharayn is an independent, dormant crew that sails the Meridian Ocean, formerly the Viridian Ocean. The crew once flew the flag of RiddleMakers.



Roses of Sharayn was founded on 16 January, 2006 by Knifeywifey. The crew grew strong and soon founded the flag of New World Order.

Syth replaced Knifeywifey as captain when Knifeywifey became caught up in other things.

As the crew grew it encountered more and more problems and Syth took to leaving the crew occasionally, to take a break from the hectic captaincy. As a result the crew's politics changed from Autocratic to Oligarchic.

With the crew politics Oligarchic and 13 senior officers, decisions became difficult when leadership votes took to long. Sythe took action to make the crew more efficient, he begun demoting many of the senior officers. After a tense time the crew was left with only five senior officers, Safir, Lifetakerman, Neone, Bisonbob and Fannyslap. The reorganization process generated rumors of mutiny amongst the crew.

The rumors of mutiny proved to be largely false and end the end most of the former senior officers stayed on because of the friendly and warm surroundings of the crew, realising the necessity behind the demotions.

Trouble again rose when Syth decided to leave New World Order. His reasons were disorder and chaos in the flag and the crew then joined the flag of New Caledonia. Some of the crew's former senior officers had decided they wanted more power in a crew, and without their familiar flag decided to leave to become senior officers or captains in other crews.

Safir and Fannyslap pressed Syth to return to New World Order. Syth eventually relented and approached Warbaby about returning to New World Order. Warbaby quickly issued an invitation back into the flag and a period of peace retuned to the crew.

Of the remaining senior officers, Fannyslap eventually left the crew for her own reasons, Neone was demoted for inactivity and Bisonbob was demoted when he left on four month holiday. That left only Safir so, Familyjewels was promoted to senior officer to increase the leadership council to three.

Syth left the crew on 24 June, 2006 to found the crew Fear Itself and Lifetakerman was promoted to captain of the Roses Of Sharayn to replace him. Lifetakerman quickly added Caruut to senior officer circle.

Shortly afterwards, Ivanovsky became the captain of Scourges of The Seven Seas and not wanting the responsibility that being captain merged that crew into Roses Of Sharayn and was promoted to senior officer. This merge increased Roses Of Sharayn to its peak with almost 200 members.

Roses of Sharayn was once again made Autocratic to make decisions easier.

When Warbaby refounded Scourges of The Seven Seas, this time under the name Scourges of Seven Seas, Ivanovsky left the crew to rejoin what he felt was his home crew. Many other good officers and pirates left with Ivanovsky to go back to their former crew.

Lifetakerman, became dormant and the senior officers decided to promote Lsr, Blackpearlz, and Devlina to be new senior officers. At a meeting a few days later, Lsr was voted to captain because of his excellent PvP and Battle Navigation records.

A few weeks later, Lifetakerman returned, having sorted out his issues with connections. He was once again promoted to captain. However, soon Lifetakerman once again became dormant, and the crew's senior officers were once again running the crew. Irritated by the lack of order, Lsr and Familyjewels left for a new challenge in Polish War Fog. Caruut was therefore promoted to captain, and Crystaldonut became a senior officer.

After a short stint, however, Lifetakerman once again returned to become captain of the crew. This time only a few days before he become dormant once again. However, during this time, Caruut had followed his friends in joining Polish War Fog. Unfortunately, the crew was once again plagued by dormancy which included Lifetakerman and Devlina. Yamato was promoted to senior officer and it was nine days before Devlina returned and order was restored. Crucible, Familyjewels and Caruut returned and were repromoted to senior officers. Lifetakerman and Yamato were voted to FO, and the crew decided that Crystaldonut, the most active member, should be made captain.

By July of 2007 the crew once again went through a leadership change when Familyjewels replaced Crystaldonut as captain and the crew was once again an Oligarchy. Also by July of 2007 the crew had become a member crew of the flag of RiddleMakers.

Public statement


We are a fun and friendly bunch that love to pillage, have fun and get to know each other! We aim to make every single member feel welcome here and make the game as fun and enjoyable as we possibly can.

Crew articles

  1. Don't leave in battle - that means the risk of losing. If ye have to leave let the OIC know why. Ye will also get less money from the booty.
  2. Don't be offensive to fellow crew members
  3. No one can take over a pillage from an officer unless the officer asks ye to.
  4. Restock ships properly after use.
  5. Follow orders from higher ranked officers at all times.
  6. Ask PTB <ship name> before boarding (permission to board) unless the officer says all are welcome.
  7. Don't leave ships at uninhabited islands or abandoned at sea.
  8. And most importantly HAVE FUN!
  9. Krakens blood must always be sold into the booty before the booty is divided.
  10. Player vs player or PvP may only be attempted (engaged) by a Grand-Master+ battle navigator. If you are not confident in your battle navigation ability, run away from a battle if you are engaged. Losing a PvP which you engaged will result in a fine of 500poe payable to the crew chest.

Promotion requirements

Promotions are based mainly on the discretion of the SOs and Captain of the crew. Generally, if you're looking for a promotion, look at other crew members currently holding that position.

  • Pirate: Understanding of PtB, Pirate badge, Trust not to gun when requested.
  • Officer: Good stats, or crew loyalty. The fastest way to advance to this post is by gaining a good battle navigation rank, however, if you have been in the crew for an extended period of time, we may promote on the grounds of loyalty.
  • Fleet Officer: Similar requirements as officer, except slightly higher. A few grand-master+ stats will help you achieve this rank. However, as with officer, crew loyalty over a period of months may result in you gaining this position.
  • Senior Officer: Reserved for the top players in the crew. You will need outstanding trust, intelligence, and far above-average stats.

All these guidelines are just that - guidelines - the SOs and Captain will promote as and when they see fit, and are not bound by these rules. Any pirate who thinks that they meet the requirements for officer should speak to any SO or the Captain.