Rogue OM Squad V Vanilla/Round 3

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13 are needed to keelhaul and 18 are needed for 75%

Name Votes # of votes (Unvotes)
Nintendo_07 Taela, alexpeng, Perlandria, Fixated, Quitex, Sammydrisc 6 ozgn92
alexpeng idrummond, BobBee88, Luvessy, dummy34 4
Quitex Nintendo_07, shadowflyer 2
Luvessy dkzk 1
idrummond Rohane 1
Bobbee88 jack_ashore 1
Abstain ozgn92, miss_baa, estambela 3 Rohane, Quitex
TOTAL VOTES Taela, ozgn92, Rohane, idrummond, BobBee88, alexpeng, ozgn92, dkzk, Luvessy, Rohane, miss_baa, Quitex, Perlandria, Fixated, Quitex, Sammydrisc, dummy34, jack_ashore, Nintendo_07, shadowflyer, estambela 18
(No vote) Amanda555555, Behindcurtai, Elmynster, Lanndser, Seastarx, Talisker 6