Rogue OM Squad V.V/Round 7

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Deadline: 12:01 AM PST Dec. 29

11 are needed to keelhaul and 15 are needed for 75%

Up to date through post 1561.

Name Votes # of votes (Unvotes)
SaintDane Swordholder, Flamez911, Jaark, Mousebait, SeastarX 5
CandyK Satin11, RaNazUra, Prosperity, Kinocha (proxy by RaNazUra) 4
Thefirstdude WingsOWisdom 1
Mrd84 CandyK 1
Vireyda Luckyshot101 1
Flamez911 Luvessy 1
Swordholder SaintDane 1
Luvessy 0 Satin11
Prosperity 0 CandyK
TOTAL VOTES Swordholder, Satin, CandyK, Satin, WingsOWisdom, CandyK, Luckyshot101, Flamez911, RaNazUra, Luvessy, SaintDane, Prosperity, Jaark, Mousebait, SeastarX, Kinocha (proxy by RaNazUra 14
(No Vote) Argemone, MeegerMary, mrd84, Thefirstdude, Vireyda, Zandia 8