Rogue OM Squad V.V/Round 4

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17 are needed to keelhaul and 48 are needed for 75%

Up to date through post 1057.

Name Votes # of votes (Unvotes)
Ironguts Lyaka, Prosperity, Kinocha, Daleenmarine, Argemone, Saintdane, Flamez911, Mitmit, Vireyda, MeegerMary, RaNazUra, Elmynster, CandyK, Thefirstdude (Proxy by Shaimus) 14
Daleenmarine Jaark, Lyaka, Prosperity, Kinocha, Daleenmarine, Argemone, Saintdane, Flamez911, Luckyshot101, MeegerMary, RaNazUra, CandyK 12
Mitmit Satin11, Shaimus, Elmynster, mrd84, Mousebait, Luckyshot101, Thefirstdude (Proxy by Shaimus) 7
Shaimus Jaark, Mousebait 2
Meeper50 Satin11 1
Thefirstdude Mitmit 1
Mrd84 SeastarX 1
Jirges SeastarX 1
SaintDane Shaimus, Swordholder 2
Lyaka Marinated 1
Kinocha Marinated 1
Luckyshot101 Swordholder 1
spy234 Luvessy 1
Abstain mrd84, Vireyda, Luvessy 3 Mitmit, Elmynster, Thefirstdude (Proxy by Shaimus)
TOTAL VOTES Satin11, Satin11, Shaimus, Shaimus, Jaark, Jaark, Elmynster, Elmynster, mrd84, mrd84, Lyaka, Lyaka, Prosperity, Prosperity, Kinocha, Kinocha, Daleenmarine, Daleenmarine, Argemone, Argemone, Mousebait, Mousebait, Saintdane, Saintdane, Flamez911, Flamez911, Mitmit, Mitmit, Luckyshot101, Luckyshot101, Mitmit, Thefirstdude (proxy by Shaimus), Thefirstdude (proxy by Shaimus), Vireyda, Vireyda, SeastarX, SeastarX, MeegerMary, MeegerMary, RaNazUra, RaNazUra, CandyK, CandyK, Shaimus, Thefirstdude (Proxy by Shaimus), Marinated, Marinated, Swordholder, Swordholder, Luvessy, Luvessy 48
(No Vote) Eguee, Ironguts, Jirges, spy234, Taelac, Talisker, WingsOWisdom, Zandia 16