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Richstall is a senior officer in the crew Thirst Trap and former prince of the flag Full Send on the Emerald Ocean.


  • Former royal of Full Send
  • Former royal of Shear Madness
  • Governor of Amity, Doyle, Blackthorpe, Kiwara, and Manu island

Deleted pirate

Richstall was a pirate who has been deleted. He was a fun-lovin' pirate from Hunter who loves to pillage and take other pirate's PoE in poker.

Richstall has no portrait
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Richstall joined the Hunter Ocean in July 2006. He first joined the crew lost allies to learn the puzzles and work his way up to officer, then to senior officer. Around October Mousa left Puzzle Pirates and Richstall left for the crew -Epic-. There he made friends with many people, including Faeviolet and Zeroblaze.

He only made the rank of cabin person before the crew fell apart. Richstall with Faeviolet left for Fae's Wrath, where he made the rank of fleet officer but left after spending a few weeks in that crew. Richstall joined -Frozen-, where he was a fleet officer for a few weeks and in December, he was promoted to senior officer in -Frozen-.

Richstall quit Puzzle Pirates around June 2007.