Rending Rapscallions (Hunter)

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Rending Rapscallions at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Last Captain Snarrf-East (Dormant)
Senior Officer(s) Armageddon-East, Bobbyhill-East, Debbies, Grantosis-East, Gromat, Jinjinkas-East, Mandalay-East, Mcbiggle, Mengo, Sieveth, Socratic (ALL are dormant)
Politics Democratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation The Eye
Founded 22 April, 2006
Dormant as of 12 December, 2016
Favicon.png Crew Info
Crews-Rending Rapscallions.jpg

Rending Rapscallions is a dormant crew that flies the flag The Eye on the Emerald Ocean, formerly the Hunter Ocean.

Public statement

Goal: To build a crew full of strong wealthy officers who can win a blockade and control an island.


Pirate - Requires Broad and Respected gunnery standing. This includes experience in carpentry, bilging, and sailing (considering to be able to practice gunning, carp, bilge, and sails must already be broad).

Officer - Requires Master in all piracy areas (bilging, sailing, carpentry), Master gunning and at least 2 weeks pillaging with the crew (There may be some who are exempt to this requirement; See the captain for specifics). Officers must go through officer training as well to be considered for a higher position such as FO or SO; either through a Senior Officer or the Captain.

Fleet Officer - Requires Respected battle navigating standing (and a complete understanding of how to run a successful pillage; The officer may have to prove this by going on a pillage with SO or Captain aboard.)

Senior Officer - Requires Master battle navigating standing and strong support of most active SOs; This includes a major trust factor.

Captain- First, if you think that I am doing badly, just tell me. Now, at least five months with the crew, extremely active history (pillages, officer training, etc.), approval from Snarrf and Socratic.

Pirate Guidelines
  • Don’t leave a ship in the middle of a sea battle or the following sword fight. May result in demotion, or -1 at the very least.
  • Follow the orders of the skipper, they know what's best.
  • Don’t nag the skipper with requests when you’re on a pillage. Skippers are busy.
  • If you’d like to join the crew, just ask any officer!

Crew Colours: Maroon with pink accents. Why Pink? Because it is distinctive. That and real pirates wear pink.

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