Release 2019-03-26

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Scrambling Some Eggs

From the Release Notes:

Note: Some of these changes will not be fully implemented until after the morning ocean reboots on March 27th.

  • Adding seasonal content for April.
  • Adding the new player-created Eggs which will activate in April.
  • Adding a new Periwinkle recolor which can be won as a prize in future promotions.
  • Recent bugfixes (some fixed in prior stealth releases)
    • Fixed launch crash affecting certain Mac users on the most recent version of Java
    • Fixed bug that was causing players to get stuck when warping to and from rowboats in the Kraken Sea Monster Hunt
    • Fixed situation that could result in jobbing notices for empty vessels on the Notice Board
    • Fixed a bug that could cause the displayed bounty on a vessel to not correctly update after the vessel was sunk
    • Fixed a bug that could allow taxes to be paid by the owner of a shoppe that had been shut down by the governor
    • Fixed a bug that would cause emerald-colored clothing to dust into silver-colored rags
    • Updating some text on Obsidian that incorrectly referred to Port Venture as "deserted"