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Bounty Hunters

From the Release Notes:

The following changes are for Dark Seas:

  • Vessels that have a faction bounty placed on them will now have a special icon shown in the sailing view, making them easier to identify (and pursue). There are 3 tiers of icon, based on how large the bounty on the vessel has become.
  • From this point forward, only vessels that have a faction bounty on them will be able to win faction trinkets for sinking enemy vessels. All sailors aboard the victorious ship will receive between 1 to 3 faction trinkets, based on how large their ship's bounty has become. This provides incentive for jobbing on a ship that has a bounty, despite the increased risk of being attacked by the other faction.
  • Adding new "Owl Eggs" that can be purchased at the Trading Post in exchange for Faction PvP trinkets (under the artifacts section). Opening the eggs will grant a non-tradeable Owl familiar with a randomly chosen color.
    • In exchange for a larger number of trinkets, pirates can purchase a Crimson or Shadow owl egg, which will grant an owl familiar in the respective color (rather than one of the randomly chosen colors).
  • Adding 3 new "Dark" vessel designs at the Trading Post in exchange for faction PvP trinkets.
  • Faction bounties that have been placed on vessels will now slowly decrease over time, so that inactive vessels will eventually fall off of the bounties board.
  • Faction icons will now appear on the island overview page in YoWeb.

These changes are for both Classic and Dark Seas:

  • The "Slithery Keepsake" trophy will now be retroactively awarded to players who attacked the white Kraken head during the December team competition.
  • Exploit fix: greedy brigands will now only appear on brigand vessels that were targeting your own vessel.
  • Bugfix: clear any pending transfers for a vessel if the deed changes hands.
  • Adding seasonal content for February.