Release 2017-04-04

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Spring Cleaning

From the Release Notes:
  • Adding seasonal content for April
  • Added a new YoWeb page to view a list of Colonized Islands, including tax information and links to governor names
  • Adding a new Trade chat channel that can be used by pirates looking to buy or sell items
    • "/tmute" can be used to toggle this chat channel
    • Players can only use this channel once every few minutes
  • Updating the requirements that must be met before joining a competition, in order to prevent pirates from "saving" a high scoring situation for use in a pending competition
    • If on board a vessel that has recently turned about, players will be required to wait until the vessel reaches a league point before they can join a competition.
    • If a player had already joined a pending competition at the time the vessel turns about, a message will be displayed that the player must rejoin the competition after reaching a league point.
  • Attacking vessels that are much weaker will now greatly reduce the number of Greedy brigands that appear in the melee.
  • Adding a warning message to the client if a player's mute list exceeds 750 names . Storing more names than this can exceed the size limit defined by the Java Preferences class.
  • Fixing a bug that could cause LE ship NPPs to get stuck in the crow's nest
  • Fix for client window size on 4k monitors; the window will now be shown at 2x scale at sufficiently high resolutions
  • Minor update to chat filter