Release 2016-10-26

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Howl at the Moon

From the Release Notes:
  • Halloween event will begin after the servers restart:
    • Special candy trinkets can be won from Brigand Kings and Sea Monster Hunts. Three new trinkets have been added for this year's event, in addition to candy from last year. The new trinkets are classified as "Spooky Trinkets", and can be exchanged at the Trading Post for some new items.
    • Two new mask designs have been added to the Trading Post in exchange for Spooky Trinkets: the Catrina mask (female), and Calavera mask (male)
    • Five new furniture designs have been added to the Trading post in exchange for Spooky Trinkets: Lycanthropic Chair, Mounted Deer Skull, Wall Hanging Wolfsbane, Tabletop Meat, and a Werewolf Banner
  • A special new LE ship is being released early in time for Halloween. The Pirate News and Spyglass blog will be updated with details shortly after release. It will remain available until the end of November.