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Release the Kraken!

From the Release Notes:

Adding the Kraken Sea Monster Hunt. Maps can be won while pillaging, as with other Sea Monster zones.

  • Upon reaching the Kraken, all players aboard the vessel will enter their own personal rowboat to perform Battle Navigation. There will be various treasure, and occasionally Kraken ink, located on the map. Rowboats can retrieve these items by moving over them, and then safely returning to the safezone.
    • If a rowboat sinks, any treasure on board is lost and the player is returned to the safe zone. There is no other penalty for sinking a rowboat.
  • The encounter lasts for 30 minutes, after which players are returned to the original vessel.
  • Requirements for engaging the Kraken:
    • On doubloon oceans, a Bravery badge is required, and on subscription oceans you must be subscribed.
    • The vessel owner will need to have one "Lifeboat" commodity for each pirate that is being brought into the Kraken zone (swabbies don't count as they will not enter the Kraken zone). These commodities are produced by shipyards and "consumed" when the vessel enters the Kraken zone.
  • "Rowboat kits" are a new item type that will be found in your pirate's booty under "Rowboats". If your pirate has a particular rowboat kit in their booty, then the corresponding boat type will be available for you to choose from while battling the Kraken.
    • For example, if you have the "Harpoon kit" in your inventory, then you will be able to select the Harpoon boat while visiting the Kraken lair. If you equip a rowboat kit, then that will be the first rowboat type you pilot when entering.
    • A pirate can proceed to sink as many rowboats as they like in the Kraken instance at no additional cost. If a pirate does not own any rowboat kits, the default "Rowboat" vessel option will still be available to all players and will not require a kit.
    • The following kits can be purchased at furnishers: Bumper, Speed, Chum, Harpoon, and Powder
  • The Kraken can only be approached by the following vessels:
    • Sloop, Cutter, Dhow, Fanchuan, Longship, Baghlah, and Junk
      • (Theories suggest that these vessels are small enough that the Kraken doesn't take notice; any larger, and the Kraken would immediately sink the entire vessel)