Release 2014-02-05

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Dream a Little Dream of Ye

From the Release Notes:
  • Adding seasonal content.
  • Added crystal ball furniture to Gold Boxes.
  • Reduced base rent for attractions: 5,000 PoE for Explorers' Halls, 3,000 for Trading Posts, and 3,000 for Black Markets.
  • The maximum numbers of pirates allowed in a portrait will now be shown in parentheses next to the background names in the portrait setup panel.
  • Added logging of paint usage to building and vessel records.
  • Bug fixes
    • Citadels were refusing to spawn if the first vessel to enter Atlantis remained in a safe zone. When multiple vessels are present, citadels will now spawn normally so long as at least one vessel is out of the safe zone.
    • Fixed internal error when replacing the prow or helm on a vessel multiple times before committing changes.
    • The coffer withdraw button on the vessel will no longer be shown if pirate doesn't have sufficient rank to make the withdrawal (rather than just giving an error message).
    • Made sure counts of "done" pirates are kept consistent between client and server to keep players from getting stuck in Buried Treasure expeditions, even when pirates log off. Moved "Return to Ship" button up to be more visible in Ahoy panel.
    • Allowing Steam accounts to make purchases when swapping their session between non-Steam and Steam clients.
    • Added trophy image for Seal o' Piracy: Winter 2014.
    • Haunted seas carpets will no longer recolor with seasonal changes like icy seas.