Release 2012-06-27

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Bad Hair Day

From the Release Notes:
  • Added a new Spiky hairstyle potion, available at the trading post in exchange for one of each of the Cursed Isles trinkets
    • The hairstyle is permanent, unless changed with a Hair Control Tonic
    • A new "Fetch All" button has been added to the trading post for this potion, since it requires many different trinkets
  • Two adjustments to Pirate pages
    • Grouped the piracy skills in a more logical manner
    • When the ocean-wide standing and archipelago-wide standing differ, the archipelago standing will now be shown beneath in smaller text, and the ocean standing above in larger text
  • All Gold Box trinkets can now be held in portraits
  • Pets can now be reclaimed from islands in the same way that they are reclaimed from vessels
  • Facebook users can now switch between their Facebook account and a linked OOO account in the same way as Steam users
    • To switch back to the original Facebook account, click the blue button in the upper left corner of the login screen, labelled "Use the existing linked account"
  • Bug Fixes
    • The "Next Shipment" counter in the Gold Box panel will now be consistent for all time zones
    • Taking portraits will now work if a pirate has both permanently dyed hair and a werewolf curse
    • Shouting is once again enabled on certain uncolonized islands that were not allowing it