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Going Rogue Mark

From the Release Notes:
  • Rogue Marks
    • Rogue Marks are a new reward item given to players who support Puzzle Pirates and Three Rings by referring new players to the game, purchasing Doubloons, or subscribing. While similar to Shanghai Points, Rogue Marks are an individual reward: they are a stackable item that is stored in the Miscellaneous section of your Booty, rather than a running total on a crew's info page. They can be traded between players just like any other item. Eventually, Rogue Marks will replace Shanghais.
    • Rogue Marks can be exchanged for various types of renames (ships, crews, buildings, familiars, and pets), as well as a new Chart Box item. The Chart Box can contain a random Sea Monster map, Expedition Chart, Expedition Compass, or inter-archipelago map.
    • To exchange Rogue Marks, click on one and select "Rogue Mark shop". This will bring up a page with the full list of exchanges available.
  • Now available in exchange for cursed isles trinkets (via a design at the trading post) - the Cursed-Class Sloop, Cursed Helm, Cursed Cannon, and Enlightened Prow.
  • New furniture: Hanging Eastern Carpet (requires design available in Trading Post), Eastern Vase, Oil Lamp
  • Brigand Kings may now appear for very mighty ships, such as well-staffed Grand Frigates. Note, however, that Kings may flee before the battle begins if they don't like the odds.
  • Reworked the handling of Brigand King crews and adjusted the calculation of the crew size & skill.
  • Skull/ZombieHand/BK Trinkets no longer require the trinket to be one you specifically earned in order to be displayed in your portrait.