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Sea Monsters: Haunted Seas

From the Release Notes:
  • Charts may now be found to Haunted Seas.
    • These treacherous waters are guarded by terrible specters and Barnabas the Pale himself.
  • No longer decay movement tokens while vessels are attacking Atlantean Citadels.
  • Add a new category at furnishers for banners, and move existing banners to there.
  • New furniture available for manufacture: A wide variety of player-created banners.
  • Add new sea battle board elements for Cursed Isles and Atlantis.
  • Adjust the drop patterns for the Dadao and Blackjack.
  • Adjust the background on swordfighting and rumble to give better contrast for the UI elements
  • In PVP battles, if the better-navigating ship is hunting barbarians, the boarding fight is rumble.
  • Change the math for sorting voyages based on jobber cuts.
  • Change the names of Atlantean chests to be more consistent with others. They are now: Sunken box, Ancient locker, and Antediluvian chest.
  • Fix a bug causing pets placed on vessels to disappear.
  • Fix a bug selecting the type of weaving labor to provide.