Release 2010-06-29

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Treasures from Farther East

From the Release Notes:
  • New ship for manufacture: Junk
  • New swords for manufacture: Katana and Dadao
  • New furniture for manufacture: Rice barrel, Lacquered table, Lacquered chest, Hanging fan, Eastern scroll, Qing chair, Yoke-back chair, Eastern bench, Katana display, Bamboo sleeping mat, Ming vase, Sake set, Tea set, Byobu folding screen
  • The Paper lantern furniture item has been permanently activated for manufacture
  • Allow swabbies to load cannons
  • Allow a fourth swabbie on cutters
  • Adjust the handling of battle navigation ratings to better differentiate those at the high end
  • Sort deeds for vessels of the same type together, regardless of their subclass
  • Show icons for vessel subclasses on their deeds
  • Fix issues with hooks in portraits sometimes being colored incorrectly
  • Fix a few off-color pixels near the back of the feathered hat