Release 2010-04-20

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Return to Atlantis

From the Release Notes:
  • New furniture for manufacture: Torn wall map, Desktop map, Large desktop map, Place setting, Basic meal, Fancy meal, Meal with wine, Bowl of fruit, Upholstered chair, Striped chair, Large table, Vase with wildflowers, Planter of wildflowers, Captain's clock
  • New clothing for manufacture: Female epaulet jacket
  • Permanently enable two monthly portrait backgrounds: Molasses' Commodities Market and Pishkirlin's Good Omens
  • In Atlantis and Cursed Isles, distribute chests amongst puzzles based on total time played per puzzle before distributing amongst players of that puzzle as usual (by time & performance).
  • Atlantis rebalancing:
    • Triketos essence now repairs a standard amount of damage instead of scaling base on the ship using it
    • Restructure monster spawning to better keep the shallow end appropriately scaled for smaller ships but still ramp up appropriately against larger ships
    • Lower difficulty monsters drop fewer dragoons
    • Lower difficulty monsters start with lower health
    • Divide fewer chests randomly among the crew and more for puzzling
    • Shift safe zone starting positions back toward the shallow end (they had crept deeper due to other changes)
  • In bilge and weaving, snap the cursor to the mouse's position when clicking
  • Snug up mouse controls in weaving
  • In weaving, allow clicks anywhere on the board to trigger battening
  • On island and building tabs, link pirate, crew, and flag names to their info pages
  • New navy tutorial mission: Learn to Pillage
  • Better sort trinkets based on their categories
  • Improved announcement to  jobbers about changes to the crew's cut while loading for a voyage.
  • Allow access to market bidding, but not delivery, within inactive buildings.
  • Fix bug with drinking where the clients would sometimes disagree with the server about whose turn it was
  • Fix bug where monkeys would sometimes fail to steal commodities after defeating pirates