Release 2010-01-20

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She Buys Sea Shells (And Other Things) By The Sea Shore

From the Release Notes:
  • Add new Attraction building: The Trading Post
    • Trading Posts sell various goods (currently chromas and Brigand King eggs) in exchange for various trinkets and Pieces of Eight
    • The value of a given type of trinket at Trading Posts changes over time based on how many have been used in purchases
    • Merchant brigands are more inclined to ship to islands with Trading Posts
  • Pirates at low to mid performance levels on duty stations now contribute more to the ship's functionality
    • Swabbie skills and performance have been lowered so their contribution is the same as before
  • Swabbies now arrive to replace players that leave ships in all skirmish types except blockades. This functions the same as before in battle, with one for the first player, then one for every third
  • New limited edition narwhal figurehead for manufacture at furnishers
  • Newly delivered limited edition vessels now come with custom adjectives in their names
  • The rowboats on all newly delivered vessels now let you leave the ship (some older ships have working arrows, but the rowboats themselves aren't clickable)
  • Pirates cashing out of a poker table with more than their last buyin go into the victory pose
  • The bar shelves below decks on war brigs may now be dusted
  • Merchants now more accurately estimate the cost to ship their goods to different islands
  • Allow more rotations of the tropical potted plant (this also means the ones on frost class sloops may now be dusted)