Release 2009-09-15

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All That Glitters Is Gilded

From the Release Notes:
  • New Deluxe Labor Badges: lasts as long as a regular labor badges, but allows 72 hours of labor per day.
  • New Items for Manufacture:
    • Fighting dummies (Swordfighting & Rumble versions) - ye can associate these with a particular pirate and fight a dummy dressed and armed like them
    • Buccaneer hat
    • Furniture that can replace existing items on ships:
      • Gilded cannons and helms
      • Figureheads: Sea Serpent, Gryphon, Mermaid
  • Include hours spent foraging in labor reports.
  • Offline labor is now allocated more reliably to top-paying jobs.
  • On subscription oceans, if a pirate doesn't use their offline labor hours, they are now provided to other pirates on the same account.
  • Combine all of the shoppe/vessel commodity management interfaces onto one tabbed interface to make it easier to switch between them.
  • Use a smaller icon for furniture on the product pricing interface to fit more at a time.
  • Put shoppe recipes on their very own panel, accessible to everyone. Shopkeepers can find it on the shop management radial menu, others will find it where the management radial would be.
  • Orders may now be placed on behalf of your shoppe with any appropriate shoppe on the island (ones that make commodities or the same shoppe type) - the cost will be paid from the shoppe's coffers. These orders will be deliverable by any manager at your shoppe from the Manage Orders interface. On doubloon ocean, any doubloon delivery fee will still need to be paid by the delivering pirate.
  • Managers must now pay full price even at their own shoppe - they should generally use the Order for yer Shoppe mechanism to pay straight out of the shoppe coffers.
  • Log to the building records when someone works at a shoppe either on reserve labor or on anything else not covered by escrow.
  • Combine employee payment records in shoppe logs.
  • Combine foraging records in vessel logs.
  • Adjust the gold nuggets needed to manufacture dive helms.
  • Small adjustment to cursed isles chest distribution to gunners and fighters.
  • Cutters now have in-scene bowsprits to match their icon.
  • Increase the reward for defeating the Atlantis Citadel

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug with wrapping of certain item names (e.g. Poniard) on the Completed Orders panel.
  • Fix bug where overfull skellie/zombie fights would always eject the first people in.
  • Fix some boochy behavior with typing prices into some of the commodity interfaces.