Release 2005-11-30

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New Sword board summaries

From the Release Notes:
  • When a player is eliminated in a swordfight, their mini board view will be updated with a full-color version. When the swordfight is over, all remaining players will be exposed at full-color as well. Non-player pirates and skellies will never be full-color.
  • When a swordfight ends, you will no longer be autokicked out of the game, except when sea battling.
  • Relaxed home restrictions: any building at which you are owner, manager, or roommate can be made your home. Anyone can home at an inn, and the island can be set as home too, like the old days.
  • Added some holiday pieces of furniture. They must be explicitely enabled by a furnisher to sell them.
  • Fixed the sorting of the time remaining on the pending order table.
  • Fixed a bug caused full ships to not be able to post jobs when swabbies were on board.