Release 2005-07-12

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Blub, blub, blub.

From the Release Notes:
  • Pillaging missions will now be shown to greenies without any naval experience.
  • Some drinking configuration changes:
    • Mugs may be disabled for standard-rules games.
    • The number of drinks is now always 3 when playing with standard rules.
    • The option to calculate all board stain bonuses at the end of the game has been removed.
  • The tankard has been altered: now it gets +50 points per piece lost in an opponent's row.
  • When painting, if you don't have the paint available in your hold you can buy it at the current market rate instantly from the painting panel.
  • Fixed some portrait bugs introduced in the last release.
  • External browser pages should now be working for win98 and winME.
  • There are bubbles and splashy water droplets in bilge.