Release 2005-04-06

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You can take it with you

From the Release Notes:
  • Your money is now with you at all times. It is not at risk when you're on a vessel. Banks, transfer fees, whisk burying, and the money report are all things of the past.
  • Tournaments are ocean-wide now.
  • Spades games may have wagers.
  • Ferries charge a small fee for their services.
  • On doubloon oceans, the doubloon exchange has been simplified and the top 5 offers are listed for buys/sells.
  • Currently-held jobs may be inspected and quit while viewing a job offer at a shop.
  • The layout of the personal info page has been changed.
  • Fixed a bug with selecting colors at a tailor that only has one grade of cloth in stock.
  • Fixed a bug with logging "display only" rack modifications.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed one to temporarily wear an item after trading it.