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The Stakes Are Higher

From the Release Notes:
  • Vampirates are upon ye once again. This time as an expedition!
  • Vampire reliquaries will be dropping from vampirate frays. These work similarly to a BK compass, but for Vampirate Expeditions.
  • Pillage Blood Boxes during the expo to earn Vampirate themed items.


The Stakes Are High

From the Release Notes:
  • Vampirates are upon ye!
  • The reboot timer now warns you up to 3 hours before a reboot.
  • The game client window is now resizable. You can enable this by going to options > general and checking the box that is right above the size selection. (This isn't new but it was never announced)


Need for Greed!

From the Release Notes:
  • The maximum number of Greedies that spawn has been adjusted so that it will not exceed the number of human players on board the vessel.