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Scrambling Some Eggs

From the Release Notes:

Note: Some of these changes will not be fully implemented until after the morning ocean reboots on March 27th.

  • Adding seasonal content for April.
  • Adding the new player-created Eggs which will activate in April.
  • Adding a new Periwinkle recolor which can be won as a prize in future promotions.
  • Recent bugfixes (some fixed in prior stealth releases)
    • Fixed launch crash affecting certain Mac users on the most recent version of Java
    • Fixed bug that was causing players to get stuck when warping to and from rowboats in the Kraken Sea Monster Hunt
    • Fixed situation that could result in jobbing notices for empty vessels on the Notice Board
    • Fixed a bug that could cause the displayed bounty on a vessel to not correctly update after the vessel was sunk
    • Fixed a bug that could allow taxes to be paid by the owner of a shoppe that had been shut down by the governor
    • Fixed a bug that would cause emerald-colored clothing to dust into silver-colored rags
    • Updating some text on Obsidian that incorrectly referred to Port Venture as "deserted"


Dark Seas follow-up

From the Release Notes:

Note: Some of these fixes will not be fully implemented until after the morning ocean reboots on August 1st.

  • Fix to the dynamic ocean recoloring based on overall ocean control.
  • Fix to the outline coloring for War Galleons so that the outline color correctly shows as red for enemy ships at the dock.
  • Graphics fIx for werewolf pirates who are holding a shovel bludgeon.
  • Small adjustment for new portraits of female pirates who are wearing the Rogue Hat with the long curly hairstyle.
  • Adjusting the governor's shoppe shutdown timer so that it functions as a full 14 days.


Dark Seas!

From the Release Notes:


All Hands on Deck!

From the Release Notes:
  • Seasonal content for July.
  • Preparation for the upcoming Dark Seas release.
  • Increasing the maximum number of swabbies that can be hired. There will now be one swabbie for every station on the vessel except for navigation, as long as it doesn't exceed the maximum capacity of the vessel. We'll be monitoring the effects of this change to see if further adjustments are needed.
    • NOTE: Currently, some vessels are receiving less than the new intended number of swabbies. This issue will be fixed when the oceans restart in the morning.
  • Bugfix for a situation that could cause pirates to get stuck in the "preparation" phase when logging on.
  • Bugfix for a minor color inconsistency between the male and female Kraken tattoo. This will go into effect for any new Kraken Tattoos created from this point forward.
  • Bugfix to prevent the use of transformation artifacts during the portrait preparation phase. Pirates can still exit the portrait, apply the transformation, and then re-enter the portrait preparation.