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Redbalaylay is captain of Black Sage Marauders and a prince of League of Light on the Sage Ocean. He has been playing on Sage since the second day it was open.

Accomplishments and Positions


Originally, Redbalaylay started playing on the Viridian Ocean. He quickly rose the ranks of his crew and took over captaincy after a few months. However when Sage opened he moved there. Originally he joined the crew Bloody Blades of Sage. On August 25, less than one week after the ocean opened, he made own crew, Black Sage Marauders, to try help his flag. The flag became inactive, however, and he took the crew to The Light Brigade. He stayed there until they disbanded.

Following this, Redbalaylay's crew had a short run in Go with the Flow before joining old Light Brigade flagmates, now in Poseidon's Tricorne, in making a new flag: the League of Light. He was elected royal in the flag's first elections and started working on expanding the crew and flag. League of Light is at the top of the flag fame charts and they have just held their second elections where he was again voted into the royal spot. Redbalaylay lost out on the third round of elections but will stand again in three months!