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Familiars Won

Quuenpharaoh started out on the Viridian Ocean. She achieved it as one of the first people to have 2 sublimes, hers in Sailing and Carpentry. Quuenpharaoh deleted her character, saving all her portraits on Quuen.

She moved to Sage to start all over. Within a few days, Quuenpharaoh gained some Ultimate standings, and quickly became known as a stat-addict. DaggerDarla and Delian have been her biggest influence in this.

As soon as the trophies were released, Quuen got most of them already. The Battle-Navigation Ultimate took her over a year, but on October 8th 2007 she finally got it; First female ever to get the Ultimate of Ultimates.

On November 9th she won a pink octopus in the November Great Race(s). In this event she navigated on her main alt Adult.

Oceans memorized: - Sage (8 days) - Ice (unknown) - Malachite (10 days)

QuuenPharaoh has retired, though she shows up for some duty navigation events.

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