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Porgolle is a pirate born and grown on the crew Moonlit on the Viridian Ocean. He is currently missing very much most of his online friends, for they hardly meet, and for this reason, he left the crew, but nevah found a crew as nice as his old one on its good ole days.

He once sold his house to buy his beloved ship, El Bucanero (Formerly the Lonely Muskellunge). He owns another ship, the Thin Eel, a longship soon to be named The Viking Breath.

He is a pretty decent carpenter, can bilge for sure and loves to swordfight. He can make some fine rum too, some people say.

Porgolle is a little dyslexic. His name in Portuguese means "for a sip" as in "The price for a sip of beer". He also answers to the name Oscar (at least would answer until the appearence of Mr. Oscarmayer in the crew).

His favourite weapon is the reversed Saber, but he used Short swords, stilettos, a scimitar and a skull dagger before.

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