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Piroxy is a captain of the crew Bootleggers and queen of the flag Anchor Management on the Midnight Ocean.


She started off like most scurvy dogs as an independent greenie for three days. She joined the crew Femme Fatales, the first crew that offered her a spot, as a cabin person. After two shoeless weeks she bit the bullet and subbed herself to a pirate standing! Eventually she received officer training, and worked her way up to a senior position. She was happy in Femme Fatales for six months but suddenly found that she was left with only one other Senior Officer, Bcbear, with occasionally random spottings of the captain or other officers. She filled her time with bnav and stat building and found a deep interest in stall management and business development. After a little more than a year with the encouragement of Bcbear, Theprism and Frakaleno, they created the Bootleggers with Piroxy as captain.

The crew remained independent for under a month but then joined up with the flag Silly Symphonies. Piroxy was given a Royal position in this flag but had very little influence or respect from her fellow flaggies. After three months, Bootleggers left Silly Symphonies and applied for membership in Moonlighting. The crew was quickly accepted and began nine long months of adventures there! Piroxy was given a titled spot, a titled job, a Royal spot, a Royal job. Her main focus during this time was keeping the BootLeggers crew strong and growing. At one point they reached an active crew of 110 pirates!! After leaving Moonlighting in September 2007, they created the Anchor Management flag with Piroxy as Monarch. She has worked hard to try and be the best monarch she can be.

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