Pillagers of Viridian

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Pillagers of Viridian at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Captain Mutant
Senior Officer(s) Loreta, Ltunited, Ahrim, Andrius, Snotball, Crazychristi
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Pillagers of Seven seas
Last updated on 13 September, 2006

The first flag that this crew joined was Lost Soul's of Atlanta. After that Snakey proposed more royalty and titled members (3 Royalty and 4 titled) so Pillagers of Viridian changed flag to Paradise! Then this crew left paradise and created a new flag Pillagers of Seven seas.

Joining gives ye instant title. Titles can be anything desired, exept for first mate,treasurer.

If you join with a ship you get rank of officer.

We do not make insta FO's or SO's so dont even ask!

Extended Public Statement: Each pirates life starts with his first pillage... first battle... first booty division... and only then they get money to maybe start stall and get money in it... but pillage is start of poe in this world... and without poe this world would turn almost to nothing (without it there still would be love...friendship...) so please come!Join us and we will get as much as we can from main poe fountain... brigands... come and we will pillage! Haaar!


Hoy everyone!!! This crew was created to pillage so we will pillage!If you want to join just ask everyone is welcome here!!!

  • Rules:

1)Dont be rude!!!

2)Dont lie!!!

3)If you leave a ship in battle you will get your share reduced!!!If this hapins few times you will be demoted or expeled!

4)If you will laze you will be planked!If this hapins few times you will be demoted or expeled!!

5)No trades,chalinges on board!!!One exeption to this rule is that sometimes a ship is waiting for more people then chalinges,trades are alowed...

6)You can shout only if you are OIC (officeer in charge)!!!

7)Playing parlor games or chating isnt reason for not going on crew pillages!So if u want to play parlor games or chat all day this crew isnt for u!If we see that instead off going to ship then crew invites u are playing parlor games u will be demoted!

8) PTB (permision to board) needed.Before boarding a sloop wirte PTB <Vessels name> in crew chat.and board ONLY if OIC allows it.

  • Promotions:

Cabin person-Pirate-Officer-Fleet officer-Senior officer-Captain

  • How you get them:

Cabin person-Then u join u be one!

Pirate-have a yellow name!Broad!

Officer-Have at least 3 solids and 2 masters in any piracy puzzle AND DISTINGUISHED IN BNAV!!! !If you join with ship you will be promoted to Officer!!!As an officer u are not alowed to take out biger ship then cutter!U can only take ships biger then cutter if it is your own ship!If u need training to be officer send a tell to Mutant)

Fleet officer -4 solids 3 masters,and my trust!We do not recruit FO's from outside our crew!

Senior officer- same as FO and one weighty and i will have to REALY trust you!We do not recruit SO's from outside our crew!

Captain-Sorry but this place is taken.(If i will ever decide to leave this game Crazychristi.)

  • Titles:

Everyone in this crew will get a title!!!

Crew stalls:

Camillaaj's Tailoring Stall on Lima

Camillaaj's Weaving Stall on Lima

Linis's Ironworking stall on Lima

Crew ships (Open for anyone to use,if u sink it you have to rebuy it):

Sloop- Comfortable Alewife ( If you have a stall send me a tell and i will add him here) Please suport these stalls by ordering stuff from there and taking jobs

We dont want to merge with your crew!!!But we will be happty to let you merge into us!!!

Private Statement:

  • Rules at pillages:

1)Always remember to team in swordfights and rumble!

  • To team press on oponent you want to atack(The enemy that you are atacking will be highlighted)! Each dot next to him represents one of us so make sure that you are teaming in a team of 2 or 3 no less no more!*

2)Do not leave ship at battle!!If you break this rule few times you will be demoted or expeled!

  • Rules for officers and above:

1)Before taking out a ship read officer bulletin board and follow those rules that you find there if you dont want to fallow them do not take that ship out!!!

2)After pillages always ask your jobers maybe they want to join our crew as full members!

3)Officers please do not dockpress!

4)After pillage you have to restock that ship and from that is left you can take 50%. The other 50% belongs to the ship's owner!!! This rule is here that people would like to leave ships unlocked! If no specific guidelines is left in ships officer bulletin board then fallow these guidelines:

Sloop- 20 rum 40 cannonballs

Cutter- 40 rum 80 cannonballs

Merchant brig 60 rum 120cannonballs

War brig- 80rum 160 cannonballs

Merchant Galleon - 100rum 200cannonballs

War frigate - 120rum 240cannonballs

I will write rest then we will get ships of that type If you do not restock then u will have to pay for restock and if that was sloop 3 dubs if that was cutter then 4 dubs for merchant brig 6 dubs for war brig 10 dubs to ships owner!!!!

5)Dont leave ships at sea or at empty islands!!!If you break this rule you will have to pay 3 dubs to owner of that ship!!! If you dont pay you will be reported for not following crew rules!!!

6)All promotions except pirate and officer, to people that have ships, must be made by me (Mutant, Captain)!!!!

7)U cant take over a pillage if OIC (Officer in charge) dont want you to take it over!!!Exception to this rule is that you can take over without permision only if that ship is yours!!!

8)Download QM.(It's located in yppedia third party tools.)

  • Rules to ship owners:

1)In each ships officer bulletin board must be writed name of owner of that ship!!!


Please donate to our crew! Donations will be used to buy new ships that always will be unlocked, and to create a flag!!! If you want to donate our crew then send me a tell!