Pillagers of Seven seas

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Pillagers of Seven seas at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Monarch Mutant of Pillagers of Viridian
Member crew(s) Pillagers of Viridian
Allies Midnight Terrors, Paradise, Poseidons Curse, The Order of Fortune, What In The Seven Seas, Viridian Avengers, Masters of Riddles, DEAD MANS CURSE, Genesis, Satan's hell fleet.
Wars none
Last updated on 6 September, 2006

This flag was created by Pillagers of Viridian. First flag monarch was Mutant. Royalty is Ahrim, Dannyg, Kingkai, Loreta and Ltunited. Lords/Ladies are Andrius, Aurimas, Cldragonxp, Jakit and Taksas.