Pillager's Cove

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Pillager's Cove at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Monarch Cremora of The Runners of the Waves
Member crew(s) Cartoon Maniiacs, The Codfather, The Runners of the Waves
Founded 7 November, 2009
Allies A Plus Pirates, Family Ties, Midnight Marooners, Morgan's Marauders, Nova Scorpius
Wars None
Last updated on 18 October, 2016
Favicon.png Flag Info

Pillager's Cove is a flag on the Cerulean Ocean originally of the Midnight Ocean.


Pillager's Cove is a new flag created by the crew The Runners of the Waves in the Midnight Ocean. The flag has yet to settle on a flag portrait.

Public statement

This is a no drama flag, if you want drama, please look somewhere else.

This is not a war flag but we will defend ourselves as needed. The flag will support crews in anyway it can. Captains get royalty after 30 days in flag and that includes a responsibility to help the flag run smoothly. Flag colors are Navy/Yellow

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