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Parthanos (sometimes referred to as Parth) began on the Azure Ocean, eventually creating the crew La Giustizia Implacabile and forming the flag Imperio. He successfully saw the flag through the transition to the Midnight Ocean, became the first governor of Spring Island, and led Imperio through the flag split which formed Avalon.

Parthanos remains monarch of Imperio and has been an influential figure in Midnight politics. This led to a brief spoof in Azumanga! MIDNIGHT relating to the old Forum fads and in-jokes "Everyone is Thanos".


Like many pirates, Parthanos was in a number of crews early on. His first, Green Birds, he considered "a horrid crew all around," and left quickly. He was a member of Sea Scorpions, but departed when "they joined an uber flag."

In his third crew, Prestigious Pilferers, Parthanos realized his goal of purchasing his first ship, the "Gup." Unfortunately, before he was able to take the ship out on her first voyage, he logged on to find another officer sailing her. Denied command of her maiden voyage, Parthanos left to form a new crew.

Parthanos went on to form the crew La Giustizia Implacabile, and joined the flag Seas of Dispare, Carin and Torridthorn's flag. Unintentionally, his crew attacked a ship carrying the flag's king and queen, and Parthanos was brought up on charges of treason. Little came of the trial, though he decided a better idea of "flag" was needed. After calling a vote, Parthanos and his crew left Seas of Dispare and formed the flag Imperio.

Parthanos has remained monarch of Imperio through its various internal conflicts, and has continually been able to rebuild his flag.