Onyx Greeting Association

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Note: The OGA are not official greeters.

Who are the OGA?

The Onyx Greeting Association is an unofficial greeter group on the Viridian ocean. The association mainly consists of officers from the flag Imperial Coalition. The main base of OGA operations is on Tigerleaf Mountain, as this is the flag's home isle, and because it is separated from the rest of the ocean. Their official uniform color is lime as suggested by a members poll. The group was founded by Cronogenesis of the crew Polaris Borealis.

Although the OGA are unofficial they are supported by a few official greeters


4th Nov '05- Tigerleaf began greenie spawning. To help them out Cronogenesis and Ratoscurvy began helping out the new green population. In order to get a number of people to help out on a regular basis, Cronogenesis set up the OGA.

8th Nov '05- A poll for the the OGA uniform closed. There was a tie between lime and pink, but as a few people had recommended green, lime was chosen.

9th Nov '05- OGA forms opened, kindly hosted by Ratoscurvy and Imperial Coalition.

16th Nov '05- Lethe, the first non-Imperial Coalition member joined the team.

28th Jan '06- Fintan opens, giving the OGA more room to greet in.

11th Feb '06- Ansel opens, giving the OGA more room to greet in (even though it will not be spawning).

6th May '06- Labyrinth Moors opens, giving the OGA a new island to greet on.

9th-10th July '06- The OGA hosted their first Greenie pillage's, organised by the Senior member Peterljr.

Member List

  • Akarah
  • Aldyth
  • Amberash
  • Bananna
  • Bonecaya
  • BowlingBeard
  • Brandinni
  • Chatnoir
  • Chaveztwo
  • Cronogenesis
  • Dragonblade
  • Grobyctwo
  • Haha
  • Hal
  • Irashtar
  • Lethe
  • Lucathius
  • Meridiani
  • Onearm
  • Peterljr
  • Queencrack
  • Rascalred
  • Ratoscurvy
  • Scotlandrule
  • Smthecool
  • Sputty
  • Tholon
  • Trevotillo
  • Wombata
  • Zarine
  • Zavebe
  • Zombeeze

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