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Onerichboy is a rather new pirate, who has accomplished a lot in less than a year of play. A very dashing swashbuckler, the "adorable, dimpled" pirate of the Viridian Ocean has recently added to his fleet of ships, and earned the rank of captain.

Contributions, Awards, and Accomplishments

  • A shark, Onerichboy is among the ocean's best card players, and has the PoE to prove it. By and large, his money comes not through pillages, but through poker. Pirates can sometimes find him at the 20 to 200k tables for an entire eight-hour shift.
  • Onerichboy is one of very few pirates game-wide to earn a million in PoE in a single night through poker. While most nights, 300k is a good night, he has been know to triple his fortune in a few short hours, and has never gone broke at Puzzle Pirates poker.
  • A known collector of Atlantean treasures, Onerichboy is always on the lookout to add something new to his treasure room.
  • With the help of Josieposie, Onerichboy has created one of the game's best tailoring stalls (located on Kirin Island), where both selection and prices fit any pirate.


A reluctant pirate, Onerichboy flung himself into the Viridian Ocean in January, and has since never looked back. Within days, "Orb" had earned his first half-million on the poker tables, and met Josieposie, a guide and companion for the rough pirate life.

With a love for poker and a noted disgust for pillaging, Orb set about to conquer the game through poe, and with a month, he had earned his first million and bought a large ship. When Atlantis was discovered, Orb swallowed his disgust for pillaging, and embarked on a short career with the Night Owls crew.

After purchasing a stall in direct competition with another member of his crew, and refusing several fruit run invitations in favor of adding to his personal fortune on the poker table, Orb and Josieposie were removed from the Night Owls. Embittered by his run with a crew that did not respect his lack of talent for pillaging, and his incredible talent for making money, Orb decided to begin his own crew.

Now the owner of a fleet of ships, Orb is embarking on the next chapter of his pirate life — as a captain.