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*Messier's Crown (Hunter)
*Messier's Crown (Hunter)
*Acanthaster Spits (Malachite)
*Acanthaster Spits (Malachite)
*Messiers Krone (Opal)
*Quetzal-Insel (Opal)
*Isla Alca (Jade)
*Isla Alca (Jade)

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Team Competitions

Team Competitions are fun events that split the oceans into multiple teams who must compete to accomplish a particular goal before time runs out! Typically every pirate who participates earns a fabulous trophy for having done so, with higher placing teams winning fancier ones.

Listed here are more details on Team Competitions past and present...

Ye Jolly Toymakers

December2010 banner.png

None too keen on the beating they received last holiday, the Brigands and Barbarians have exacted their revenge: they've stolen all the presents meant for the boys and girls of the oceans! Not only that, but they also broke them into pieces! Unsurprisingly, it's likely they're going to get coal in their stockings again this year.

Thankfully, you can help! Hit the seas and beat up the Brigands and Barbarians to reclaim toy parts, and then save the season by using those parts to re-assemble the lost toys!


The ocean has been divided into five teams, with pirates from the same crew all being placed on the same team. Pirates can participate and earn points for their team in two ways...

  • Joining a pillage and defeating a Brigand or Barbarian ship in Sea Battle. This will earn every pirate aboard the winning vessel one (1) random toy part trinket and points for their associated team.
  • Collecting three (3) matching toy part trinkets and "assembling" them at an appropriate location (see below). This will earn your team a large number of points.

The competition ends on Tuesday, January 4th at 3 PM PST.


Trinkets can be assembled in the following locations:

  • Festivity's House on all oceans (see event whisk on notice board)
  • Flow (Midnight)
  • Whistler (Cobalt & Viridian)
  • Hoarfrost (Sage)
  • Messier's Crown (Hunter)
  • Acanthaster Spits (Malachite)
  • Quetzal-Insel (Opal)
  • Isla Alca (Jade)


At the end of the competition, festive holiday trophies will be awarded to each participant depending on how their team ranked. At the end of the competition, you can check the Notice Board's 'Competition' tab to see how your team has done.

Not only that, but there are additional trophies available for pirates who diligently assemble a variety of toys. Try to earn them all!

Past Competitions

For historical info on competitions in Puzzle Pirates' past, check out the Team Competition listings on the YPPedia.