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Island Transfer Pricing:

  • Outpost: 50,000 Pieces of Eight
  • Medium Island: 150,000 Pieces of Eight
  • Large Island: 250,000 Pieces of Eight

Island Transfer Procedure and Requirements:

  • Intent must be given in the Island Transfers Notice page at least a week in advance (so by the end of Monday, Pirate Time the week before.)
  • There must be at least one weekend free of BK and Event blockades immediately before a transfer can take place, and there should be no pending blockades.
  • A petition to transfer the island should be made before the end of Monday the following week and left open until the transfer is done. Please include:
    • A link to the announcement of the island transfer.
    • The flag to whom you are transferring the island.
    • Confirm the amount of poe for the transfer. Poe should be left on your pirate and will be taken directly out of your booty when the transfer takes place.
  • Transfers should only be happening on Mondays or Tuesday to give everyone a chance to prepare for any blockades on the weekend.
  • At the time of the transfer, the flag who will be taking over the island must have the required fame for owning an island of that size.

Island Transfer Refusals

  • The receiving flag may refuse an island transfer by submitting a petition before the island transfer is completed.