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Expeditions are an optional part of pillaging. Expeditions are additional destinations a crew can decide to sail to in order to collect booty. Currently, there are two kinds of expeditions:

  • Buried treasure
  • Plundering merchants

Both of these expeditions require the crew to collect a page from a defeated brigand captain's journal. Each collected journal entry provides information about the special locations to which the crew can sail.

Finding an Expedition

During a normal pillage, the crew of a ship has an increasing possibility of winning an expedition with each successive successful pillaging engagement. Each expedition won by the crew is essentially information about the location of additional treasure that can be pillaged and divided up amongst the crew.

There are no special settings required to search for expeditions. However, once an expedition is aboard, the captain of the ship must select a specific expedition as the target of the vessel before it can be visited.

Each player on a ship will see an Expedition Ahoy! in their Ahoy! panel when an expedition has been won. This panel provides a link to the Expedition Report which details the expeditions currently available to a vessel.

Sailing on an Expedition

Once the captain has reviewed the Expedition Ahoy!, he may select the destination expedition for the vessel from the Expedition Report.

After an expedition is selected, it's distance from the vessel will be shown on the Voyage Tracker as an X. The crew will continue to sail and pillage normally until the location of the expedition is reached. What happens when the ship reaches the expedition depends on the type of expedition in question.

Digging for Buried Treasure

Brigand Captain's tend to bury their excess treasure on atolls and other small islets around the Ocean. If a buried treasure expedition is selected on a player vessel, they are able to sail to and access these otherwise hidden locations.

When the vessel reaches a buried treasure destination, all of the crew immediately disembarks on the islet where the treasure is buried. The exact location of the treasure is marked with a variety of different markers. To recover the treasure, the crew must select icon over the treasure marker and forage for the buried pieces of eight left behind by the Brigand crew.

When all the treasure is retrieved, the crew are able to re-board their vessel and continue pillaging. Pirates can indicate their readiness to return to the ship by selecting the row boats on the islet. Doing so marks them as "ready to return to the ship" and also show them the progress of the crew towards collecting all the treasure.

Hunting Merchants

Merchant brigand vessels are especially valuable targets because, in addition to carrying regular Piece of Eight, merchants also carry commodities of all sorts between Islands.

Previously, crews have only been able to track merchants based on information from the Old Salts. Now, however, Pirates may also gather information on the location of Merchant Brigand vessels as expedition information from defeated Brigands.

As with buried treasure, Pirates should select a Merchant Brigand expedition from the Expedition report in order to start tracking their target.

Once selected, the location of the target Merchant Brigand will appear on the ship's League Tracker.

Before the crew engages the Merchant Brigand, the pillage voyage will continue as usual, with other engagement being possible. However, once the Merchant Brigand is in site, the navigating Pirate will be able to engage the Merchant.

Battle with the Merchant Brigand will proceed normally. However, if victorious, the crew will receive a sizable portion of the commodities from the Merchant Brigand in addition to the pieces of eight from their victory.