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Olympic Champions League
About OCL
Season 7 Rules
2009 Leagues:
Forum Discussion

General information You may find the following forum and YPPedia pages useful.

Rescheduling Use of temporary team members has been made easier for OCL now, so that reschedules are less likely to be necessary. It is important that reschedules are avoided where possible. Where they are impossible to avoid, they should be arranged in advance in accordance with the rules, or both teams will forfeit points for the match. Please read the relevant sections of the OCL rules page linked above. If scores for a match are not entered within 7 days of the scheduled time, or within 24 hours of the final division match, both teams will score a forfeit for the match.

Updating this page After each match, the team Captain should update the team's scores. To edit, please use the "edit this page" tab at the top of the article, rather than editing the tables themselves. There are two lines in the page that you need to update: the "match score" and your overall "team score". In the "Match Scores" section, find the appropriate line for the match you have just played, using the team's letter codes (for example, ADMatchScore=2-3 would indicate that in the match between teams A and D, A won 2 games and D won 3 games). Your team score is included in the team information section. For your team, add your current cumulative score of wins versus losses (for example, ATeamScore=6-4 would indicate that team A has so far won 6 games, and lost 4). Only edit your OWN team's score, unless you have the explicit consent of the other team to do both.

Please note the temporary players that you use on the line provided to avoid other teams trying to use them.

If there are any disputes or disagreements with results, please make a note on the discussion page (select "Discuss this page" at the top of the article) for a player assistant to deal with, or PM Apollo on the forum, rather than editing.

Swaps: you are allowed one swap during the league. If you use this swap, update the team members in your team information section, change "None" to "1" in the swaps row, and state the swap made (i.e. which pirate has swapped out and which pirate has swapped in).

I've assigned player volunteers to each results page so that there is an extra person around to help with problems and check that things are running smoothly. No one is the volunteer for this page.

Any further questions can be raised in the forum thread.

Good luck and good brawling!

Team List
Rank Code Team Sat Times Sun Times Score
0 A Armor For Sleep 8,10,12 8,10,12 21-9
0 B Randomers 12,8,10 12,8,10 23-7
0 C The End 8,10,12 10,12,2 28-2
0 F Keel'Em 4,2,12 4,2,12 0-12
0 H Sinister Angels 2,12,4 2,12,4 12-18
0 J Cursed Brawlers 10,12,8 10,12,8 0-6


Match 1: Saturday September 2nd

Match 1: Saturday September 2nd Time Score
Armor For Sleep Keel'Em 12noon 6-0
Randomers Cursed Brawlers 12noon 6-0
The End Sinister Angels 12noon 6-0

Match 2: Sunday September 3rd

Match 2: Sunday September 3rd Time Score
Armor For Sleep Sinister Angels 12noon 6-0
Randomers Keel'Em 12noon 6-0
The End Cursed Brawlers 10am 6-0

Match 3: Saturday September 16th

Match 3: Saturday September 16th Time Score
Armor For Sleep The End 8am 1-5
Randomers Sinister Angels 12noon 6-0
Keel'Em Cursed Brawlers 12noon

Match 4: Sunday September 17th

Match 4: Sunday September 17th Time Score
Armor For Sleep Cursed Brawlers 10am 6-F
Randomers The End 12noon 1-5
Keel'Em Sinister Angels 2pm F-6

Match 5: Saturday September 23rd

Match 5: Saturday September 23rd Time Score
Armor For Sleep Randomers 8am 2-4
The End Keel'Em 12noon 6-F
Sinister Angels Cursed Brawlers 12noon 6-F


Team A: Armor For Sleep

  • Team Captain: Dunny (Dunny)
  • Team Members: Natural, Elvynd, Silverdawg, Jerry, Mscimitar
  • Swaps: None
  • Temps: Cleddyfwr, Shaarty, Peglegpaul
  • Current Rank: 0
  • Current Score: 21-9
  • Saturday Times: 8,10,12
  • Sunday Times: 8,10,12

Team B: Randomers

  • Team Captain: Smellypoopy (Smellypooo)
  • Team Members: Hiluigi, Woodenlegs, Johnydepp, Blackskully, Turtoise
  • Swaps: None
  • Temps: Barbosul, Pacyk
  • Current Rank: 0
  • Current Score: 23-7
  • Saturday Times: 12,8,10
  • Sunday Times: 12,8,10

Team C: The End

  • Team Captain: Alexaleo (Snwball87)
  • Team Members: Ejmueller, End, Brettisshort, Abolish, Sheridyn
  • Swaps: 1 (added abolish)
  • Temps: None
  • Current Rank: 0
  • Current Score: 28-2
  • Saturday Times: 8,10,12
  • Sunday Times: 10,12,2

Team F: Keel'Em

  • Team Captain: NicoRobin (nico_robin81)
  • Team Members: Imbroglio, Angeldust, Mcgillicutti, Maharet, Macgreggor
  • Swaps: None
  • Temps: Missthang
  • Current Rank: 0
  • Current Score: 0-12
  • Saturday Times: 4,2,12
  • Sunday Times: 4,2,12

Team H: Sinister Angels

  • Team Captain: Nikogold (Nikogold)
  • Team Members: Brottor, Darkpheonix, Mangoe, Sethbeard, Shalo
  • Swaps: None
  • Temps: Cloudpuppy, Reason, Dyrbar,Imoratalnox
  • Current Rank: 0
  • Current Score: 12-18
  • Saturday Times: 2,12,4
  • Sunday Times: 2,12,4

Team J: Cursed Brawlers

  • Team Captain: Cptjackspara (Alexhyde)
  • Team Members: Blackfeed, Wulfgar, Nielsenzo, Taikanz
  • Swaps: None
  • Temps: None
  • Current Rank: 0
  • Current Score: 0-6
  • Saturday Times: 10,12,8
  • Sunday Times: 10,12,8