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Nisseman is a senior officer in The Happy Go Lucky on the Hunter Ocean.


Viridian Ocean

Nisseman was the captain of the crew The Happy Go Luckies prior to January 29th, 2006. At that time, he resigned, handing the responsibility over to his good mate Cobra. This decision was made due to the fact that he didn't get enough time to have fun due to the resposibilities of being a captian.

After being a senior officer for a while, he became captain again. When the crew lost many people to the Hunter Ocean, he merged the crew with Frutti di Mare. He however didn't stay with this new crew and had joined the Ocean Raiders as a fleet officer.

Hunter Ocean

Nisseman founded the crew The Happy Go Lucky. He was a very sucessful captain but became dormant near the begining of Dec 2006. This led to Altheared and Ameliepoule leaving and joining new crews. Lotje also left and created her own crew, Less Anxiety.