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Viridian Ocean

Nicopolidis was born on 23 June 2008. His first crew was Union Latina and later he was in other crews: Coalición dorada, Elite Latina, Exodus, -Fear Of The World-. Now he is in Wreckage Sharks where he is a fleet officer.

He has a dog whose name is Diamantidis. He has numerous friends including Aguantejacko, Chijiro, Habana, Hocicos, Feighttrors, Sueirito and others. Friends who are not Latin Americans are Heffalumpy, Msrambonette and others. He is known to love Atlantis and Cursed Isles.

Nicopolidis used to have an ironworking stall on Lima Island but it closed because the pirate Piratacris allegedly stole his account but he luckily recovered it but not his belongings. He now lives in a shack on Lima Island.

His favorite puzzle is Carpentry in which he has legendary standing. His favorite combination of colors for clothes are aqua and orange. In the Olympic Games he was on the team Cerberus. In the 2008 Halloween events he was on the team Goody Gobblin' Goblins. In the 2008 holiday events he was on the team Yule Log.

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